What is The Pocket?

I’m Griff Foxley, and this is The Pocket.

I’m an Executive & Integral® Coach and Strategic Advisor.

I share resources and reflections for supporting growth and for navigating complex times.

The Pocket can be a place to explore resilience and growth in an organization. It can be a place to slow down, level up, tune in: a slipstream to slip into. It can be a place to find techniques and tools for making headway on important long-term initiatives.

Equal parts personal development, productivity, and philosophy, I publish once every week or two. You’ll see some short, tactical posts, some long, thoughtful posts, some questions, some answers, mostly more questions.

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Griff Foxley
A father and husband, entrepreneur and strategist, poet and philosopher, and an enthusiast for any little thing that adds beauty and transcendence to the day.