Two Quotes and A Question

On Simplicity and Multitudes and Saying "No" to a "Yes"

Two Quotes

Recent standout book Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkaporta will be one of those books I re-read regularly.

It is resplendent with wisdom and framings that counteract so much of the drag and taint that modern capitalist life can sometimes bring. Here’s what I’ll call the manifesto quote of the whole book:

Recent traditions have emerged that break down creation systems like a virus, infecting complex patterns with artificial simplicity, exercising a civilizing control over what some see as chaos. The Sumerians started it. The Romans perfected it. The Anglosphere inherited it. The world is now mired in it.

The war between good and evil is in reality an imposition of stupidity and simplicity over wisdom and complexity.

This is one of my top recommendations of the year. Go get it.

In a similar vein the inimitable Maria Popova of Brain Pickings fame inspires a reframe on the multitudes of each of us:

To reclaim the beauty of the multitudes we each contain, we must break free of the prison of our fragments and meet one another as whole persons full of wonder unblunted by identity-template and expectation.

A Question

This one question is a slight variation of a journaling prompt from Jerry Colonna, one of the most high-profile, high-impact coaches in the industry:

What am I saying “no” to that actually deserves a “yes”? And why the “no”?

That’s all for now, friends.